Let There Be Light


    “ Let There Be Light”  is a 27 minute animated short film which is classified as an adult oriented science fiction, metaphorical ‘trip’.

Live action scenes shot in several countries including Portugal and Cuba.

The storyline consists of an inter-dimensional traveller experiencing the physical realm.

                          WORLD PREMIERE

             Melbourne Underground Film Festival

               Cinema 1,  August 27, 2012,  9 PM

                          Melbourne, Australia

          Let There Be Light

“Let There Be Light” is a short, limited animation, mixed media, non narrative film fantasy delivered in the language of metaphor.

Shot in Canada, Cuba and Portugal over 3 years . Original soundtrack created by Éric Boucher and Keith Cummings.

Based on 4 short subjects with themes of creation, connection, misinterpretation and understanding.

Delivered in the language of metaphor.

Light (truth) is introduced to the world.

Our planet is a Goddess in waiting.

  Watch “Goddess Waiting” here

The light is misinterpreted and used in the quest for power.

War between brothers results.

The shepherd examines the flock.

A last goodbye

A house of connection

Gestation in the  garden of life

A life drawing becomes the Goddess of connection. A linking of heaven and earth.

The unseen visitor observes