Flowers to India


  Born in the mid-fifties in Montreal, Quebec and presently surviving fairly well in the 21st century by the rural backwaters of the Telkwa River in northwestern B.C. with beautiful wife and soul-saver, Christine, a couple of happy black cats and a reliable old Ford F-250.

   A sonic adventurer and fringe musician, Keith enjoys everything that squeaks, chirps and gives breath, especially music in the waters and of the wildlife that hovers, swims and skims nearby... and beautiful pianos too, and sweet flutes and buzzing dudeks, the harmony and discordance of man-made timbres.

   “Thus synthesizers! Synthesizers are my golden dreams, their abilities to emulate and create are limited only by the dexterity of the musical visionaries and their desire to touch and be touched with sounds. Much of this mortal sonic landscaping is the result of the many hands and heads that created these machines and gave them air, those of us that play them only add the final touches to their artwork.”

Keith Cummings

Song for Love                     (Keith Cummings)

Song to the Sand Cranes   (Keith Cummings)

Broken Sparrow                 (Keith Cummings)

Margeaux                          (Keith Cummings)

How I Wish                        (Keith Cummings)

Nighty-time Lately                  (Theresa Mohr)

Sorry                                  (Keith Cummings)

Hardley Human                     (Theresa Mohr)

All synthesizers and vocals performed by Keith Cummings

recording & mastering- Moseo Kostamo / Moko Productions

Prince George, B.C.

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