Between Sea & Sky


Between Sea & Sky was created in 2000 as a “message in a bottle” for a child who was denied a physical incarnation. Jason lasted only five days before he returned home.   The film starts with his birth or awakening represented by a winter sunrise and a look at our world and it’s inhabitants. Elements of Between Sea & Sky take on a life of their own with a series of metaphors and ethereal realizations ending with the “wish”.

Produced by Pete Pauls

Music by Keith Cummings

Written by Pete Pauls, Keith Cummings and Maureen O’Connell

Acoustic Sound Realization by Eric Boucher

“Sometimes a single note speaks more than a cacophony, sometimes silence says even more, sometimes an image becomes that silence or that note, or that cacophony.  This is what  Between Sea & Sky  is to me.  An interpolation of a dreamworld in sound and image, and a sharing of it’s creation and observation.”

Keith Cummings